Time takes a toll on your c-band satellite dish and can cause loss of reception and picture quality. Fortunately, we carry a variety of superior state-of-the-art satellite dishes. Choose one of these durable, attractive, high-performance satellite dishes and boost your reception for a great picture.

Size does make a difference! If you're using a digital 4DTV satellite system, use a larger satellite dish. Skyvision recommends a minimum of an 8.5' satellite dish for digital C-band reception.

For satellite dish repair, talk with one of our product representatives. Whether you need replacement mesh panels,ribs and struts, perimeter channels or front and back panels, we'll get you fixed up. Keep your satellite dish antenna in peak performance for the best signal.
0g-dish[1]-125.jpg 8.5' Polar Mount Mesh Satellite Dish
Limited Quantities - Call for Availability
0g-dish[1]-125.jpg 10' Polar Mount Mesh Satellite Dish
Limited Quantities - Call for Availability
1500008-125.jpg 6' Offset Satellite Dish
Offset Satellite Dish. Call or email for a shipping quote.
transparent.gif 6 ft Prime Focus Satellite Dish
6' Prime Focus Satellite Dish. Call for Availability and for Freight Quote.
3500045-125.jpg LNBF Bracket
Convert your old DBS or VOOM dish into a usable Ku-band dish.
1500081-125.jpg 85 cm Ku-band Satellite Dish
85 cm Ku-band satellite dish
This item is not available for shipment today. Please enter your order to be placed on our priority shipping list.

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